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Rolling out coupons and offers are the most attractive and appealing way to boost your business. Be it customer retention or new business generation, offers play an important part indeed. The rapid success rate of this tactic is that it reaches the end consumer directly and is being used by all range of customers. Most of the shoppers be it online or offline, now carry coupons to get the best offers and to save more on their bills.


The awareness about extreme couponing and tips to effectively use coupons to reap maximum benefits are soaring high and this has led to the tremendous victory of the couponing concept. Now the ball lies in the court of the seller or the company as to how to use these coupons effectively to boost their business.


The mass effect of the couponing concept can be attributed to the following factors:

  1. Coupons have the power to expand market:

Coupons are known to be the best possible means to expand the market of the product. They reach people far and wide and people do not hesitate to travel long to redeem an extremely profitable offer.

  1. Best New Customer Generation Technique:

Nowadays people do a lot of research about the offers and coupons that are rolled out in the market and if your coupon is the best among the lot you will definitely attract new customers and this will indeed increase new business inflow and profit generation ultimately.

  1. Reactivation and retention of customers:

An attractive and worthy coupon si sure to re-activate customers who were not see in the market for a long time. A coupon and the related offer will invite and instigate the urge to shop among the customers and will also act as a customer retention technique.

  1. Leads to Up Selling:

When a customer enters your store for redeeming a coupon, it is obvious that he/she will not just leave with just one purchase. There are fair chances that they will shop for other items as well and this lead to the concept of up selling and this will definitely increase your profitability.

  1. Leads to customer database generation:

Rolling out coupons and noting down the coupons redeemed and collecting feedbacks and comments from the customers, all these lead to developing a huge customer database, which can be latter used for promotions and other activities. Also the feedbacks can be used to plan future moves and offers.


Take into account the customer behavior, maintain database and follow up regularly to achieve ultimate success out of this couponing strategy. Offers and other such promotional strategies are to be planned well and then executed else they might back fire. Always work out the final outcome of the strategy. At the end of the day, profitability is the main factor. Providing offers on https://7coupons.in/store/flipkart/ should be done in a mutually beneficial manner, both the customer and the provider should benefit from the couponing strategy. Either monetarily or goodwill generation, a company should either generate profit or earn a good name and image for itself and couponing strategy is the best way to attain both of them to a certain extent.


The promotional activity should not just cease after a sale has been made. After sales service and follow-ups are things that will take you to the next level of achieving long-term success. Employ a separate department to take care of the couponing activities and maintain a perfect database of customers who has made use of coupons, the products they have purchased, their consumerist behavior patterns and any information that might help in building up a strong customer database.


With the help of these details, regular updates about the offer that are rolled out from time to time can be intimated to the customer. Since the customers needs and preferences are identified, sending them particular coupons that they might require is a great way to get them back gain for shopping. This has to be carefully done in such a way that it doesn’t irritate the customer at any point of time. Over pouring coupons that might not be used them will have a worse impact of not sending them any at all. So be wise and vigilant while devising a couponing plan and executing it.